Celebration and Memory Bears

Memory bears are a great way to honor the memory of a loved one that has passed away.  We can make bears out of their clothing or favorite quilt or blanket.  This allows you to pass along their memory to those who loved them.  Making bears out of their favorite quilt is a great way to pass the memory along to their grandchildren.

Celebrate the memories of special occasions such as the birth of a child or grandchild.  The bears are the perfect size to wear the outfit your child or grandchild wore home from the hospital.  Almost everyone keeps these outfits and stores them in a chest or closet.  Celebration bears gives you a way of displaying these memories.  My mom made bears for both me and my brother.  My bear is dressed in the outfit that I wore home from the hospital, as well as my favorite pacifier.

Give your bridal party a teddy bear with the wedding date as a party favor.  The bears can be made out of material that matches the color or theme of the wedding.  We can even extend the arms and create a bear that can hold their bridal flowers.

For each bear that I sell, I make and donate a “Share-A-Bear” to an organization that works with kids.  We donate to our local hospital’s pediatric unit, Toys for Tots, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Children’s Healthcare of Georgia and many more. Shop with a purpose and help make a difference

You can request your Celebration or Memory bear through my Etsy store: Celebration Bears

I will provide you with information on where to send any items needed to make the bear.  Once I make the bear, I will create a custom order for you to complete your purchase.